How do I Pay?

How do I Pay ?

Cash on Delivery (For Singapore Orders only)

Cash on Delivery is the most convenient and hassle free payment option! When you choose to pay by Cash On Delivery you ensure that you pay when you get delivery of your order. Cash On Delivery is currently available as a payment option only for Orders in Singapore.

Mode of payment for Cash on Delivery is in Singapore Dollars or Local Bank Cheques.

The Process for C.O.D. orders :

1. You have to create an online account (Free-of-charge).

2. Login to your account.

3. Add the products to the Shopping Cart and checkout.

4. Choose Payment Method as C.O.D.

5. Check your order and "Confirm" it.

6. Immediately you would receive an confirmation e-mail from D-NEXUS.

7. D-NEXUS sales representative will contact you within 30min (Normal Working days) to reconfirm your order.

8. D-NEXUS delivers the products within 24 to 72 hours (Normal working Days) to your premises.

Cheque (For Singapore Orders only)

We currently accept all local cheques. Send your Cheque to the following address with your order number, shopping date and full name on the envelope and at the back of the Cheque:


Remember: We do not accept international cheques.
In case of all prepaid options, orders will be processed only after realization of payment.

Credit Card (For Singapore and International Orders)

We currently do not accept credit cards due to increased in Frauds cases. Thus, we only accept Wire transfer as a mode of payment for International Orders.


Wire Transfer or TT (For International Orders)

We Accept only Wire Transfer for International Orders. For wire transfer please print out the quote sent to you by D-NEXUS and proceed to any bank in your country. Inform the bank that you need to transfer the stated amount to the following bank account (in the quote). Please note that you do not have to pay any additional fees than the stated price in the quote. (We have already taken care of the bank and other administration charges)

Internet Banking (For Singapore Orders only)

Internet banking allows you to pay for your order through an automatic debit to our Bank account with Internet Banking (Selected banks only) all from the comfort of your desktop. Together with UOB Bank, DBS Bank, Citibank, OCBC Bank, May Bank and Standard Chartered Bank, D-NEXUS offers the convenience of Internet banking anytime, anywhere.

POSB/DBS Internet Banking - (Setting up Funds Transfer)

For customers with POSB/DBS accounts, if you are using Funds Transfer to D-NEXUS for the first time, you will need to setup a payee account for subsequent Funds Transfer transactions.

1. Login to DBS iBanking website.

2. On the left navigation pane, click Funds Transfer.

3. Click Funds Transfer: Add New DBS/POSB Payee.

4. Fill in the information as shown below:

Account Information

Account Name YOUR NAME
My Initials
(For display on payee"s bank statement)
(Maximum 12 characters)
Daily Transfer Limit S$5,000.00  (click here to change limit)

New Payee Information
Payee Account Type
Payee Account Number (Please omit dashes)
Nickname Of Payee (Maximum 20 characters)

Click Submit button to proceed.

5. A confirmation screen will appear:
New Payee Information - Confirmation

My Initials (for display in payee"s statement) Your Initial
Account Type DBS Current
Account Number 004-021612-1
Nickname For Payee D-NEXUS
Click Confirm button to proceed. A one-time password (OTP) will send to you via SMS/Paging.

6. Click Make OTP Application.
Key in the one-time password received and click Submit to proceed.

7. Click Confirm to finalise.

8. Application for Funds Transfer completed.

POSB/DBS Internet Banking - (Using Funds Transfer)

After setting up D-NEXUS as a payee account, you may use the Funds Transfer option to initiate a payment to D-NEXUS for your online purchase at our website.

1. Login to DBS iBanking website.

2. On the left navigation pane, click Funds Transfer.

3. Click Funds Transfer To Other DBS/POSB A/C.

4. Select D-NEXUS as Payee by clicking the radio button:

From Account
To Account
Add New Payee
Amount S$

5. Select Immediate Transfer

6. Click Submit button to proceed.

7. A confirmation screen will appear.
a) Verify the details to be correct.
b) Click Confirm button to finalise the transfer.

8. Upon successful completion of the funds transfer, a message screen will appear:

From Account POSB Savings
Latest Available Balance S$888.88
To Account DBS Current
004-021612-1 D-NEXUS
Amount 8.88
Transaction Reference 09876543
Take note of the "Transaction Reference" number.

9. Notify D-NEXUS of the payment via email to indicating this transaction reference and your orderID.

10. Payment by Funds Transfer completed.

POSB/DBS Fund Transfer via ATM teller.

You may also choose to make payment via ATM Tellers for your purchases. steps may differ for different bank tellers. The general steps are as follows:

1. Insert your ATM Card.

2. Enter your pin to login to the teller machine.

3. Select "iBanking, Cashcard & more services"

4. Select "Funds Transfer / Fixed Deposit"

5. (From which account) Select your account type eg. POSB Savings

6. (To another account) Select DBS Autosave / Current

7. Key in D-NEXUS Account number: 0040216121

8. Key in the transfer amount.

9. Select "If correct, press"

10. Select "To confirm"

11. Remove ATM card

12. Collect your receipt

13. Send an e-mail to including your Order or Invoice Number, together with the date, time and transaction reference No. of the transfer found on your receipt.